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Do you want to build muscle, lose weight, and feel good about yourself, but don't have the time or ability for 1:1 sessions with a trainer? Hondre has been creating personalized workout plans for people of all ages, abilities, and body types for over 16 years. He gets to know you as a person, what your goals are, and what your abilities are. He then customizes a workout plan that you access through your own website portal in which he updates for you as your strength and stamina improve! Look below for more info!  

Note:  Please allow at least 3 days for your personalized plan to be written.

Join a SWET plan - unlike any other plan out there!


For only $39/month you get:

- A custom-built, monthly workout plan created with your exact needs, goals, and body-type in mind that is easily accessible from your own website portal.

- 24/7 access to Hondre McNeil, a professional body-builder & personal trainer via email, phone, and your website portal (7am-7pm).

- Accountability without the guilt trip! Hondre is committed to doing more than just handing off a fitness plan. He is only satisfied when he sees you succeed. He will regularly check in with you and make sure you're staying on track!

- Monthly video conference check-ins!

- Customized nutrition plan, tailored to YOU.

- Mindset coaching - a revolutionary new approach to making progress in your level of fitness and overall well-being.

By agreeing, I hereby verify that I am physically able to perform physical activity, that I understand any physical activity carries the risk of physical injury, that I bear the complete risk of any physical injury and shall hold SWET Fitness and its employees, agents, and shareholders absolutely harmless for any injury which may occur. I have been advised that the safer course of action would be to exercise under the direct supervision of a trainer or medical provider. I hereby release SWET Fitness, its employees, agents, and shareholders from any liability in reference to injury.

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