6a(Toning); 5p(Toning); 6p(HIIT)


6a(HIIT); 5p(Toning); 6p(HIIT)


5p(HIIT); 6p(HIIT)


5p(HIIT); 6p(HIIT);


6a(S10); 5p(S10)



Pricing Packages

Per Class - $15

Buy 5 Classes and Get 1 Free

     Must use all classes within 1 month

Unlimited Classes

     First Household Member - $125/Month

     Second Household Member - $100/Month

     Third or More Household Member - $65/Month

Martian University Classes

Sessions Located at the SWET Zone, 2590 Kull Rd., Lancaster, Ohio

For these classes, we focus on constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. We obviously don't start you out at this high intensity. We first make you familiar with the mechanics of each move. We then make sure you are consistent at performing each move. After you have showed you are consistent at using the correct mechanics of all the moves, we then move to increasing the intensity. All of our exercises are scalable, so your fitness level doesn't matter. We will scale each exercise so you are able to complete the workout at your own intensity. All classes include a combination of cardio and resistance training using free weights, TRX Suspension Bands, Core Balls, Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, dumbbells, War Machine, or other resistant equipment. If you follow our direction, you should expect noticeable physical fitness gains, A.K.A. Martian Status! We do personal training sessions as well if you would like more private and personal direction. Please click the following link for information on that: Personal Training. Contact us on our contact page or by emailing us at to sign up for a class and to ask any questions you may have. Let's go!! 

Hondre McNeil


SWET Fitness LLC

ACE-CPT, TRX Lv 1, CrossFit Lv 1, IMG Ignite 360

IFBB Pro Male Physique